Frequently Asked Questions​

  • Can anybody book a Tournant event?

    • ​You must be 21+ to book, and all attendees of the event must be 21+. Bookings are accepted at our discretion, and need between 2-3 weeks advance notice

  • What should I expect from a Tournant event?

    • ​We want you to have a great time while you're in our care. Tournant works closely with our clients to ensure you'll be absolutely thrilled with our services. You can expect to end the night blissfully satiated, relaxed, and leave with an abundance of knowledge you didn't expect !

  • What if my guests have varying levels of tolerance? 

    • We got you. Chef Angelina infuses her dishes with precision and accurate dosing to the perfect amount. Sarah will guide you throughout the evening, down to predicting exactly when the first course will take effect. Curated pairings highlight elements in Chef Angelina's dishes as well as terpene and cannabinoid profiles in Sarah's pairings. Supplementals rolled on the spot to ensure each guest, from the sun-up to sun-down smoker to the occasional user, stays just as relaxed as they want to be.

    • ​Remember, you have a professional chef and consultant with 5 years of experience in the Illinois medical cannabis industry at your service. Providing a safe, healthy and fun environment is what we aim to do. 

  • What if I booked an event but need to cancel ?                                    

    • Booking with us assures we focus on your party with no interruption. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking, and nothing is guaranteed until deposit is received .

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